Square Breathing

Awareness of our thoughts, feelings and how our brain processes different physical sensations is fascinating and fun to explore.  Training our brains to focus awareness, knowingly and intentionally, is also essential.  Setting intentions for our awareness of things can help us to change and grow.  This changing and growing starts with our minds. 

Our brains are amazing; we have beautiful minds that never stop growing. We are instinctively curious about things, and when we remember that we are in control, we can use our minds to have fun, learn new things, develop empathy, and explore new possibilities for how we live our lives.


An easy method for doing this is with a simple breathing technique. I have a very busy mind, so I also need a mantra alongside a simple breathing technique. This means I have a hook or an anchor so when I feel distracted; I can repeat the mantra and keep my focus and attention on my breathing.


A mantra is just a word or sound repeated to help maintain concentration. I like to keep it simple, so when I breathe in, I say the words breathing in, and when I breathe out, I repeat the words breathing out.

Enjoy this little video of me teaching my grandson the square breathing technique.